Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

How to Find Time to Work Out

How to find time to work out is one of the questions that we get most often.  The perceived lack of time is one of the main reasons people give for not exercising regularly. Even those of you who have discovered the wonders of in-home fitness still find it difficult to juggle work, family, and fitness. We hear you asking for help, and here are 7 smart ways to find more time for your workouts.

7 Ways to Find Time to Work Out

7 Ways to Find Time to Work Out

  1. Shop online – Now that you can basically order anything and everything over the Internet and have it delivered, consider doing some of your errands and shopping this way. Most major retailers have online stores and provide shipping options. So there’s no need to go to the mall or the post office.
  2. Farm out some chores – Try dropping off your laundry for fluff ‘n’ fold—especially if you’ve already been spending money at the laundromat. You’ll find that it doesn’t cost that much more. Also, check out your local maid service. For a little extra money, you can save a couple of hours cleaning your home, not to mention the dozens of hours of procrastinating!
  3. Wake up 30 minutes earlier – Work out before heading to the office. A little trick for waking up faster is to touch your toes as soon as you open your eyes, bringing blood to your head so you feel alert more quickly. After your workout, you’ll be more energized for the day ahead and hardly notice the lost sleep. Working out in the morning as opposed to midday or at night also saves you the double cost of showering, getting dressed, and making yourself beautiful.
  4. Make it a family affair – Mike Y. and his wife Christine and daughter Samantha made shedding pounds with the Power 90® program a family activity. By working out together at 5:30 AM each day, before getting ready for work and school, they managed to get in both some family time and exercise. They became Beachbody Success Stories and were invited to Hawaii to star in the Power 90 TV show. It may be a little more difficult for you right now, with everyone’s schedule crammed with holiday events, but working out together as a family
    ensures a built-in support system, and that support is crucial when you’re trying to keep your fitness goals on track.
  5. Prepare meals in advance – Try to get most of your meal preparation for the week done over the weekend. That means washing all your lettuce, veggies, herbs, fish, and poultry up front, and stocking complete salads-in-a-bag to take to work. You can also prepare individual slices of poultry and fish and a variety of veggies for dinner. Also make vats of soup, pasta, and brown rice that you’ll be able to microwave throughout the week. Filling up on healthy meals and having low-fat, good-for-you snacks readily available at work will reduce the
    temptation to sample the goodies from the office vending machine.
  6. Take your DVDs with you – If you’re traveling, make sure you pack your favorite fitness DVDs along with your laptop so you can work out
    wherever you are, whether it’s at your in-laws, your friend’s house, or in a hotel room.
  7. Pop in a 20-minute workout – Beachbody makes some superfast and effective 10-to-20-minute workouts for when you’re seriously short on time. Try the Turbo Jam® 20 Minute Workout for an excellent calorie-blasting session, any of the Fast 10® workouts for excellent muscle-toning and fat-burning results in as little as 10 minutes, and the Great Body Guaranteed!TM collection to focus on specific trouble areas in even less than 10 minutes. It’s only about 10 to 20 minutes, but the rewards stretch far beyond that to stronger bones and muscles, a sharper mind, and a lower risk of cancer and diabetes. And remember, working out reduces stress. You’ll enjoy your free time much more if you’re healthy and energized.

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