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Insanity: Bigger Thighs? Well Its a Good Thing!

I’m almost done with week 4 of Insanity.   I never thought I’d say it, but I really love it now. Last summer, I missed Tony Horton so much while Shaun T. put me through so much torture. But I think Shaun has won my heart, although I will always have a spot open for Tony, too. 

With Insanity, I am jumping higher, moving faster and overall have better cardio performance. Maybe one day I can put all of this to some use, but for now it helps me with chasing the kids around the playground.

However, I was a little shocked when I noticed my pants were fitting a little tighter in the thigh area.   Not a lot tighter, but just enough to notice a difference.   All the jump squats and power jacks have caused my quads to grow, and my calves look more sculpted. And I think my booty is a wee bit bigger too. At first, like most women I was very alarmed by this.   I eat clean, I really try to watch my portions. I don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis, and I drink water only.

After comparing notes with my friend, Diandra, I realized I wasn’t the only one out there who  got these results.   And after thinking about it, I decided that I am okay with this.   As long as its not fat I’m gaining and my thighs (and booty) look good, I’m cool with that.

I’d rather have muscular (and I must say still lean looking)  thighs than skinny, flabby ones.

I remember last year I pointed out to a friend that I wouldn’t mind if my body looked like Dreya Weber’s, of P90X fame. She remarked, “I don’t know she’s kind of big.” But I don’t think so. I think she looks strong and healthy, rather than skinny and waif-like.   I grew up skinny and waif-like and its not fun. Especially when everyone else had nice curves.

I’ll keep doing my Insanity workouts, and I will keep eating the way I do. I’m not going to get upset if my thighs (or butt) get bigger, as long as they get bigger the right way and not the wrong way.

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