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How many of you watched The Secret Millionaire on Sunday night? How many of you would like to be a secret millionaire, helping others in genuine need who give from what little they have and have become community heroes? You can watch the episode by clicking here, but what I want to share with you is something that Dani Johnson (secret millionaire from the first episode) said in a video on her website. It is one of the most profound and spiritual things that I have ever heard.

According to Dani, when she was at rock bottom, what worked for her was the Law of Promotion. She says, “Start with what is in front of you. If you can be trusted with what is in front of you and you can prosper right where you are planted, you will be made ruler over much”. In front of her, so to speak, was a box of weight loss products in the back seat of the car in which she was living after being embezzled and left broke and homeless. She didn’t want to be a marketer or in sales, but she started with what was in front of her. She goes on to say that maybe you are in a job that you hate or a relationship that is struggling or have a business and you think that you should be in a better business. Instead of continuously looking for the grass that is greener on the other side, she suggests doing what she did and what 2% of the population does and that is “If you can be trusted with what is in front of you, you will be made ruler over much.”

I am in that 2% of the population that sticks with what is in front of me where I am planted and little by little, I am being made ruler over much. I haven’t become a millionaire in two years like Dani Johnson has, but my wealth in terms of being trusted with what is in front of me has grown exponentially. The Lord has made me ruler over much in terms of the size of my business and how it continues to grow and flourish in difficult times with, in fact, 3 new coaches joining my team in just 3 days this week.

Team Beachbody is one of those rare opportunities where we have a great product and a great mission to change people’s lives one body at a time. We are the voices of change and have unlimited means to spread the word not only about our products, but also about the benefits of regular exercise, good nutrition and positive lifestyle choices. We don’t need to grimace as Dani Johnson did as she started with the box of products in the back seat of her car that she didn’t even like. We start with something great and simply spread the word about it to the multitudes who are in such desperate need for change in their lives.

Listen to her story in this video and watch The Secret Millionaire episode with Dani Johnson if you have a chance. I have been seeking justification for “being trusted with what is in front of me right where I have been planted” and now I have it in abundance in the words of someone who struggled terribly in her life, but persevered and became ruler over much.



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