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Power 90 Almost Done – From Mark Gandy

“Loved it.   Great ride.

I’m in my self-imposed recovery mode this week.   I’m mainly doing Fat Burning Express and numerous Ten Minute Trainers.   I’ll do at least one Sweat 3-4 too.

I’ll weigh myself on Thursday, and I expect the scale to be 186’ish.   Last week, I was 187, and I started at 216.   I have about 15 to go and still need to firm up a little.

The change is being noticed.   Friends, clients, people at church, they notice.   I’m even hearing the skinny word.   That’s nice.   But what people don’t understand is that the most important part of this process was the lifestyle change.

New eating habits.   New drinking habits (for me, it was pitching the diet soda).

Last week on the way home from a client in Washington, I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up berries and walnuts and a juice drink.   In the old days, it would have been junk food at the c-store.

Power 90 is great if you are just getting back into a workout routine after years of inactivity.   I’ll always look back at these first 90 days with appreciation to the makers of this great DVD series.

Tonight, I started going through my closet.   The 38’s can be discarded.”

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