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What Are You in the Habit of Doing?

“Failure is an inside job. So is success. If you want to achieve you have to win the war in your thinking first.” Brian Tracy

To me, personal development coaching is learning how to be fit, healthy and prosperous by changing your body and your life.   It is about helping you make choices that will make you more likely to be successful and creating good habits that will last a lifetime.

There is a good article on my website entitled, “Time To Start a Fitness and Self Improvement Program” by Tom Venuto.   In it, he talks about habits.   He says, “Habits are powerful. A habit is an automatic behavior pattern that you perform with little or no conscious thought because repetition has embedded that behavior in your subconscious mind. Nearly all the actions you take every day are habits – the time you get up in the morning, what shoe you put on first, what you eat for breakfast, the route you take to work each day, and so on.

Habits are like swift currents; it’s easy to let them sweep you downstream but it’s very difficult to swim upstream, against the flow. That’s why you must develop good habits that move you in the direction of what you want.

Good habits are difficult to form, but once formed, they are just as difficult to break as bad habits. Bad habits are easy to form because you don’t have to do anything to form them – you create them by default. Just choose to do nothing, and you begin developing the inaction and procrastination habits.

There are basically only two things that keep you from going after what you want: Negative influence of others, or your own bad habits. But if you take a moment right now to set some clear and compelling goals and take the first step towards them, you will be less likely to be affected by the influence of others or swept up by the currents of old habits.”

Our team of personal development coaches will help you create good habits that will be hard to break.   Visit and select the coach that you feel will best guide you to your goal and help you win the war in your thinking.

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