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Dollars and Sense of Being a Fitness Coach

I am a full time Beachbody Coach and I love what I do. I live and breath health and fitness and I am a role model to everyone around me. I’m 57, don’t take any prescription medications, no Aleve or other anti inflammatories,, don’t have aches and pains, etc. etc. and I sure don’t feel old in any way. I love having a home based business and I love the concept of what I do and wouldn’t think of doing anything else.

I want you to understand the dollars and the sense of what I do and to think about whether it would be something that you would love to do, too.

Would you like to have a home based business?
Would you like to have a home based business that helps people lose weight, get healthier and get fitter?
Would you like to have a home based business that helps people lose weight, get healthier, get fitter and you make money?

If you answered yes to all three, then keep reading. If not, then being a coach wouldn’t make any sense to you.

Question: How much does it cost to start your business?
Answer: $39.95 for a Coach Starter Kit containing essential sales and marketing material and literature to help you build your business.

Question: What are my monthly expenses for being a coach?
Answer: $27.91.

Question: What do I get for $27.91 a month?
Answer: $14.95 pays for your personalized e-commerce site to promote your business and service your new customers. It will be the same as mine in format and you just put in your story – click here for sample website. $12.96 pays for a full Team Beachbody Club membership with all of the benefits, information and fitness and weight loss tools available to members.

Question: What are the benefits of being a coach?
Answer: You get a 25% discount on all Beachbody product purchases. You get a 50% commission on every person that you get to sign up as a Team Beachbody Club member. You get a 25% commission on all of your customer’s product purchases. You get a 15% commission on all of your Team Beachbody member purchases.

Question: Are there any more benefits to being a coach?
Answer: Besides having a home based business and helping other people become fit and healthy, yes. Please read the Team Compensation Plan for full details – click here.

Question: Can I work part time?
Answer: Yes, absolutely. You can get a discount on products that you would be buying anyway – vitamins, weight loss products, workout recovery drinks, etc., make commissions by getting your family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers to become members and pay for your monthly costs and make money besides.

Question: Can I actually make a substantial amount of money as a coach?
Answer: Yes. If you are passionate, determined, willing to “walk the talk”, meaning being in shape and being a role model and you embrace the vision of building a national fitness community that is working to ease the obesity crisis and improve people’s quality of life then the sky is the limit. Read and understand the Team Compensation Plan and you will grasp the full potential of this business. Click here to read it.

Question: How do I sign up to be a coach?
Answer: Simply click on this link

Question: Can I contact you if I have more questions?
Answer: Yes, please email me at or phone me toll free at 866 797-7336

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