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What Do Dentist’s and Team Beachbody Coaches Have In Common

For most people, going to the dentist is something that we put off if we can, perhaps dread to some extent, get anxious beforehand and want it to be as quick and painless as possible.   For many people, exercise is much the same and elicits the same reactions and emotions.   It doesn’t need to be that way, though.

Everything that we eat goes through our mouths.   It needs to be chewed thoroughly by our healthy sets of teeth, so that our digestive systems can then extract all of the nutrients in the food that we eat and thereby nourish our bodies.   Poorly chewed food is harder to digest and puts more strain on the digestive system.   It also means that we will probably extract fewer nutrients.   In addition, our mouths are constantly bombarded with acids and other substances in what we eat and drink that will attack our teeth and gums and create an unhealthy environment in our mouths which can impact our whole bodies and our overall quality of life.   We brush our teeth multiple times a day to clean our teeth and freshen our breaths.   We also go to the dentist regularly to have our teeth cleaned and to check for any potential problems created by poor oral hygiene.

Working out is much the same.   It is like the “mouth to fitness” in that we need do healthy workouts and do them properly and effectively, otherwise they can’t be “digested” by our bodies and we don’t get the full benefit from them.   Our workouts are also being subjected to “attacks” from people who want us to use our time otherwise or from marketers who want us to buy gimmicks to lose weight or take pills to shed pounds or have surgeries that will make us thin.   We exercise daily to make sure that we maintain our physical health and have a plan that can’t be derailed by those who want us to take the easy road in life.

Dentists are much like fitness coaches – they are very necessary to our overall health and give us guidance and support and occasionally make us do things   that we don’t want to and don’t enjoy.   We have to go out of our comfort zones and endure a little pain even though they have prepared us to lessen the pain as much as possible.   They constantly reassure us that if we do what they want us to do and they do to us what they have to do, it will mean a healthier mouth, healthier digestive system, more nourishment and a healthier body.

Without a Team Beachbody coach, you can miss your workouts, shorten your workouts, do the easy workouts or shun exercise altogether.   The consequence will be the same as not going to the dentist and ultimately we will regret it.   Like a good dentist, a good Team Beachbody coach will make the idea of daily exercise appealing, they will take away the anxiety when you have to go out of your comfort zone and do a little more and make you want to have regular “appointments” and keeping coming back.

Can you make exercise as necessary in your life as brushing your teeth.   A Team Beachbody coach can lead the way for you and do just that.   Good coaches, like good dentists, make taking care of yourself fun and show you how it is a necessity as much as brushing your teeth.   Imagine for a moment smiling and having a mouth full of rotten teeth.   Is that the impression that you want to impart to someone.   The only logical conclusion is that you didn’t take care of your teeth.   A fortunate few can simply brush their teeth every day and have perfect teeth and perfect smiles.   For just about everyone, brushing our teeth and going to the dentist is absolutely necessary to keep our mouths and bodies and healthy and our smiles memorable.

If you don’t take care of your body, will everyone know.   You can hide bad teeth (although bad breath from poor oral hygiene is hard to hide), but you can’t hide a body that has been neglected and is badly in need of regular exercise to make it healthy and happy and brimming with energy.   Except from the few of us who are blessed to love working out, we need dedicated Team Beachbody coaches to give us the bodies we deserve.   They will plan our workouts, support and guide us, motivate and inspire us and make our “visits” something that we look forward to day after day.   They help us to realize the benefit that we derive from exercise and the neccesity of regularly caring for our bodies.

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