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Eighteen Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago my daughter Grace was born. Less than 14 months later, I became a full-time work-from-home dad and have loved every minute of it since, raising two beautiful daughters working full-time from home.

It wasn’t until January 8th, 2007 that I became a Team Beachbody Coach and that is when I became able to focus all of my energy on helping other people achieve the best quality of life that they can while at the same time I was able to be a full-time dad.

That is in no small part thanks to Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler who has led this company from day one. He and I messaged today and he said to me that “There’s really great stuff on the horizon. I think it’s going to be an exciting 18 months ahead”. I want you to be part of that excitement and join me by starting your business today. Almost 16 years ago, I clicked on a link and got started with no help. You can get started by clicking this link and you will have a full-time business coach and a complete set of business-building tools to get you started right and help you to keep growing your business. I so look forward to you joining my team!


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