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My Secret Weapon is My Why

Alli hit rock bottom in 2010. She was broke, confused and on the verge of homelessness.Alli Vaughn

“Between my student loans, credit card bills and my car, I was $100,000 in debt,” says Alli. On top of her personal debt, Alli’s family was in financial ruins (her Dad was a custom home builder whose business was ruined when the housing market crashed). “Mom and Dad didn’t even have enough money to file for bankruptcy.” To avoid being homeless, Alli lived with friends for over a year.

Finding a job wasn’t her problem. In fact, she was working 5 jobs simultaneously but still couldn’t break free from debt. Even after signing up as a Team Beachbody Coach (her fifth job), she didn’t find success right away.

Let Your Why Set You Free

It wasn’t until Alli discovered her ‘Why’, that she was able to rise above the chaos and reap the rewards. That process took her three and a half years.

“With the help of Beachbody Regional Sales Director, Jeremy Redd, I finally learned that your WHY has to make tears come of our your eyes. You have to be that passionate about it.”

Alli realized that she had a two-part ‘Why’. To help her family rise out of debt and despair and to help everyone else after that. Her true WHY was helping others. And help she did.

As the proud Coach, or as Alli proudly calls it “mama” of the 2011 Million Dollar Body Game Winner Meghan Kehoe, Alli has seen the power of Beachbody at it’s best.

“I’ve got to do something for people like Meghan who are killing themselves every single day,” says Alli. Meghan lost over 109 pounds in a year and was the winner of Team Beachbody’s $25,000 prize. Alli and her ‘Why’ were the driving force behind Meghan’s transformation and that is truly what Alli lives to do.

Just Do It: The only way to fail is to quit

After Alli discovered her ‘Why’, she had to overcome her greatest fear the unknown.

“I wanted to learn every single thing that I possibly could before I talked to anyone.” Which is why Alli didn’t do a lot of talking. For a long time. It wasn’t until she let go of her worries and just started doing, that she started to succeed.

“You can’t wait until you know everything to leap into this business, or you will be paralyzed forever. The most important thing you can do is remind yourself the only way to fail is to quit. I never did,” says Alli. “When I started my first Challenge Group, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But, I started one anyway.”

Once Alli got started, there was no stopping her.

Debt-Free and Diamond

Alli has used her determination and her ‘Why’ to create an unstoppable rhythm. She is now completely debt-free and has recently become a 5 Star Diamond Coach.

“Ten months ago, my weekly paycheck was about $592. Now I make over $2,000 a week.” Her next big goal? She wants to be a 15 Star Diamond with five Five Star Diamonds on her team before Summit 2013. “I love teaching what I’ve learned and this is how I pay it forward.”

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