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Ultrarunning Documentaries

Ultrarunning Documentaries for Motivation and Inspiration

I watch ultrarunning documentaries for motivation but in order to run an ultra (anything over 26.2 miles) it also takes a lot of planning. Here are some of the many that I have watched.

Chasing 400: The Grand Slam of Ultrarunning

As an avid endurance athlete and someone who is always seeking the next challenge, Justin Kinner was naturally drawn to the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning. The “Slam” is a series of four of the oldest 100-mile foot races in the United States. The Slam starts in Virginia at the Old Dominion 100, followed by the world-renowned Western States 100–just 21 days later in California. Next is the Leadville 100 in Colorado where most of the course is above 10,000 ft in elevation, with parts reaching nearly 13,000 ft. The Slam concludes in Utah at the Wasatch 100 where runners ascend over of 24,000 feet of unforgiving mountain terrain. With all four races taking place over the span of just 13 weeks, the Grand Slam is a grueling challenge, both physical and mental. Throughout the endeavor, Justin fully experiences the highs, the lows, the peaks, and the valleys that come with conquering four 100s in a summer. Justin learns to love the little things, comes to understand the power of presence, and appreciates the value of a strong support system. What merely started as running 400 miles, quickly became something so much more.

From Broken To Breaking: The Colorado Trail FKT

From a nonathletic adolescence, bed-ridden injury, job loss, and being forced to drop out of college, Mike McKnight didn’t enter the running world in your typical way. Regardless, he would go on to break records for the 500-mile Colorado Trail. Even after a stolen Salomon shoe incident, and only 5 hours of sleep during the week-long journey.

The Colorado Crush: 63 Days of Endurance | Ultra Running Documentary

Endurance athlete Robbie Balenger finds the limits of perseverance and self-discovery during an audacious, 63-day challenge called The Colorado Crush. He sets out to complete the 500 mile Colorado Trail, the Leadville race series, and all Colorado 14ers in just one summer. These three feats – each lifetime achievements of their own – push Robbie to his mental and physical edge over an epic journey.

Running Out, Lucy Bartholomew running the 231km Larapinta Trail in Australia

A film by Bryan Hynes documenting the story of Ultra Runner Lucy Bartholomew as she runs the 231km Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory Australia. From Lucy’s early beginnings into the sport of Ultra running, the film looks behind the curtain into the raw and upfront realities of ultra-running and the undertaking of a project on this scale. The film shines a light on going beyond limits, the value of community, and showcasing some of the most beautiful landscapes of central Australia.

Must Watch Ultrarunning Documentaries

Ultrarunning Documentaries

Here is a list of 33 Must Watch Documentaries for Trail Runners from

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