Keeping My Body Fit and Healthy with BODi

Overheard in the Team Howtobefit Locker Room

We are a team and I am the athlete/head coach.  I am going to continue promoting Team Howtobefit until we are the best team that we can be and then maintain that standard of excellence that we have achieved.  Together we have the opportunity to create a "dynasty" as they say in sports and that is exactly what I want all of us to work together to accomplish.
I am an athlete to my core and maybe not all of you come from the same background that I do.  Until May 17, 1985, when I had a car accident that caused me to go from an accomplished runner to sick for the next 22 years, I trained as hard as the best.  After the accident, I struggled virtually every day just to get through that day.  That’s the past, though, and you can read about it here if you want, but really it doesn’t matter all that much because Beachbody has changed my life and given me a future that I can look forward to.  I went from athlete to sickly all the time and back to athlete and that is my success story.
Because I am an athlete, I want everyone on my team to do the best that they can so that the team can do the best that it can.  What do I do?  I train seven days a week and fuel my body to support that level of training.  Currently, I am doing ChaLEAN Extreme 3 days a week and running 4 days a week.  In the future, I will be doing double workouts several days a week, so that I can run more.  Today, I ran 1:09:50 in the foothills here in Albuquerque with my training partner, John Bednarski and the best that I could do was to just hang on.  I want more than that and expect more of myself.  Compared to other men my age, I would be considered super fit, but that doesn’t matter.  By my standards, I have a long way to go and my pride and competitiveness drive me every day.  Even when I woke up each day in those 22 years feeling like I had run a marathon the day before, I trained.  I didn’t make excuses.  I kept trying to overcome a chronic illness.  With the help of Beachbody products, the opportunity provided by Carl Daikeler and the support of people like Kevin Jensen and Traci Morrow, I did overcome a chronic illness and now I am on a mission to be as fit as I can be, to help you be as fit as you can be, to help Beachbody customers and to build our Team into a powerful force for change.
How am I doing that?  I train, I fuel and I succeed.  That is a simple formula that I want you to follow.  You need to train your body physically virtually every day.  You need to fuel your body for the rigors of training and your daily activity level and nothing more.  You need to be a success story like I am.  When each and every one of you does those three things – train, fuel, succeed – we will be able to lead by example and we will get unlimited numbers of people to follow our lead.
I am blessed to have 22 teammates.  You are on my team for various reasons and you are experiencing various levels of success.  Whatever your reason is to be on Team Howtobefit, the basic team rules apply to all of us equally – train, fuel and succeed.  Not everyone can be an elite athlete, but everyone can do the best that they can do and that is what I ask and hope with all my heart that you will do.
To promote our team and individual coaches who are training, fueling and succeeding, I have created a page on the site that I am going to build on and keep updating.  Click here to see the page and to know how I am promoting individual coaches.  First are the Featured Coaches, followed by the Top Coaches and then the Newest Coaches (those of you who are still finding your way in Beachbody).  Because of their ongoing efforts to become as fit and healthy as they can be and to share what they have accomplished with others,  I am rewarding some of my coaches by giving them customers.  Yes, they are being rewarded in the best way that I know possible and that is to give them my customers in their respective states so that they can guide, motivate and inspire these people because they are training, fueling and succeeding the Beachbody way.  How can I do that?  So far in the month of February, I have gotten 474 customers and have almost 4,700 customers in all.  To date, I have given away 77 customers and have plans to give away many more. I will make the same efforts to reward any other coach that I see and feel is working toward being the best person that they can be and are willing and able to be "tour guides" for Beachbody and promoters of what is possible by knowing the products, the resources, the information and the opportunities that are available.
I train as hard as I do because I want to win the marathon of life, not just be an also ran.  Every one is at a certain point in their lives and they know how involved they can be.  Team Howtobefit will support you every step of the way, but ultimately, you have to decided if you want to train and fuel to succeed in the marathon of life or continue being satisfied with needing to lose weight, get in shape, make healthy lifestyle choices and work toward being the best coach you can be and not doing anything about it.

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