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Shakeology “Field Test 2”

As a coach for over 22 years, I would never suggest something without trying it myself. I got my first order of Shakeology on March 20, tasted it and then drank it about an hour and a half before my long run the next morning.

Field test number two went exceptionally well and better than the first. I take Shakeology every morning when I wake up to “break the fast” (the origin of the word “breakfast”) and so I had taken Shakeology for a week before this week’s workout.

Here are the results: Time – 1:01:31 = 3:37 faster than two weeks ago, :24 per mile faster. All other factors kept the same.

Shakeology will work for you, too, and the 190 calories are the highest quality, least expensive nutrition on the market today.

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