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A Purpose Driven Life

In 2002, Pastor Rick Warren wrote the book, “The Purpose Driven Life“.   Shortly after that, my wife and I joined a study group   to better understand the “40 Days of Purpose” created from the 40 chapters in the book.   Sadly, what I learned from the book and the study group had been until recently, shunted aside by an all too challenging life in the years after 2002.

This weekend, we paused to remember and reflect on the events of 9/11.   It was a day that changed the lives of virtually everyone in the world community.   For many, Sunday was a day of worship and today, for most, the work week begins.   For some it is also the start of the money driven part of your life.

If you have a purpose driven life, however, there is no beginning or end to the “work” week because it is a continuum and each day is lived with a purpose.   As I ran for over two hours Saturday on the La Luz Trail here in Albuquerque, I had time to reflect on and realize how blessed I am to have a purpose driven life for which I am compensated.   I am not driven to make money, but rather simply fulfilling a purpose and the money comes.

You, too, can have a similar purpose driven life and be rewarded, even though you don’t make it a career like I do.   That purpose can be to lose weight, become physically fit and live a healthier lifestyle in order to be a good role model for your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.   Ironically, you can also become more financially fit at the same time the way that I have.

Changing your life in a healthy way does not have to be expensive.   In fact, it can be cost free or you can make money doing it.   No, you don’t have to be a personal trainer or fitness expert.   In fact, all you have to do is commit to getting fit, achieve your goals and share with other people how you did it.

I heard a fund raising slogan on KLOVE this morning and it is a perfect way to describe what you do, “Change your change into change.”   For the purposes of the campaign, it meant change your spare change into money that the organization can use to make change in other people’s lives.   In your case, it would be to use your “change”, your transformation, into a change in the physical well being of those around you and other people whose lives you touch.

If you want to learn more about getting fit by being a Team Beachbody Coach like I am and how it can help you turn your change into change in someone else’s life, and become more financially fit doing it, please contact me at

To have a purpose driven life of being a role model for others is noble.   If part of that purpose is to become more physically fit, all the better.   But you have the opportunity to have a purpose driven life, get physically fit and healthy and be more financially fit at the same time.

I started exactly the same way and it has become my full time passion.   All you need to do is to ask me how.

Richard Dafter

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