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The “First P90Xer”

Yes, that is our very own First Lady Michelle Obama with those gorgeous arms and that beautiful figure. They must have some super gym in the White House and a staff of personal trainers, right? Wrong. On no better authority than President Obama, he said that she is doing our very own P90X!

Carl Daikeler said in his blog today that when he and Jon Cogdon and Michael Niemand met President Obama at a dinner recently, the scene unfolded something like this: “At once the door swung open, and in walked Obama. He gave a quick hello and a hug to Mark and then he walked straight up to Jon who said “Hello Mr. President we’re the co-founders of Beachbody – This is Carl Daikeler. You might know our products like P90X.”

With that Obama moves in and grabs my hand in a handshake and says “P90X! My wife does that. Man, I can hardly keep up with her!”

She’ll be a P90X graduate like many of the rest of us soon!

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