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Embudito Trail Run

After 4 days of record rainfall from Wednesday to Saturday this week, why I chose the Embudito Trail for my run this morning, I don’t know.  It is steep, rocky, the footing is poor – and that’s under normal conditions.

But one reason that I chose it is because it is close and different and I like to share my “adventure” runs with my Team Polar teammates and Mark Zuckerberg’s A Year of Running group that I am in.

For almost 25 years, I have trained in the Asics DS Trainer and I have loved it on the roads, trails and in the mountains.  Today, under these conditions, it held its own, but if I ever do more mountain running in similarly wet conditions, I might opt for another Asics shoe.

Strava image of Embudito TrailIt was in the upper 50’s when I started and the clouds were very low over the mountain, but it became magical the higher I went.  I haven’t run that trail in awhile, but it quickly came back to me.  My intention was to make it to the crest on that part of the trail, but with the visibility what it was and my memories from the last time that I ran the trail, I didn’t quite make it according to Strava.

While I was up there, I made a quick video so that you could have a sense of what it was like up in the clouds.  I can’t wait to share next week’s adventure run with you!

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