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New Month, New Year, New Me

No, my year doesn’t start on February 1st.   It has just taken a month to take this year’s bull by the horns and put in place a plan to make this the best year ever.   At the end of last year, I was told that I would be a Polar Ambassador for 2016.  ambassadorbadge2016 As many of you know, I was one of the top three Polar Internet retailers in the nation before I became a Team Beachbody Coach, and now as the new year begins, I have more and more responsibilities representing the company whose products I have used for almost 30 years.   With Polar heart rate monitors tracking all of my workouts, I came close to being a national class runner before a bad car accident derailed my career.   Now I am back on track and focusing on training and being a positive role model for everyone to see at 65.

If you made resolutions for this year, how are they going?   Have you stuck to them and created positive habits as a result?   Or are you beginning to falter and bad habits are creeping back in?

I cannot afford from a financial standpoint or any other, to not stick to a plan that will provide long term success.   I listen to a lot of personal development and now it is focused on time management.   With young children who are very active, a training schedule that I have to stick to and now a business and a responsibility that occupy so much of my time, I had to become a new me.   It is so easy to lose focus with so many things to do, but poor time management leads to long term failure.

Many of you know Chalene Johnson from her Beachbody workouts TurboFire, ChaLEAN Extreme and TurboJam (all of which are also available to stream on Beachbody On Demand), but she is also a great personal development trainer.   Over the weekend, I listened to her Time Management Tips And Tools and also started listening to the great free training that you can get by going to her website.   From that training and listening to other time management advice, I also created a Google Calendar which is a schedule to live and work by, complete with audio reminders much like a bell schedule from the days that we were in school.   When the bell rings, I go on to my next task and I can’t even leave my seat until the 5:00 break between bells!

If your New Year’s resolutions are going great, that’s awesome, but if not, today is a great day to get back on track and get refocused.   Implement Chalene’s practical advice or seek out your own.   I will also inspire and motivate you as I head into each new month in this new year as a new me!


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