Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

“Polarman” Is Back!

Last night I had this inspired idea and I almost pulled it off, but not quite.   iPhone Pictures 002We’ve had some really cold weather in Albuquerque lately and I had my Polar T-shirt under another shirt.   My not so brilliant idea was to have Carly take a picture of me in a Clark Kent like pose as he was transitioning into Superman.   As you all know, I am no Superman, but for many years I was known as the Polar man or the Polar guy.   In fact, I still see a guy in the grocery store who remembers coming over to my house about 10 years ago and getting a Polar heart rate monitor for his wife (he remembered, I didn’t).

What would have made the picture so much better would be to have a big “P” on my chest and to have been wearing my kryptonite resistant F92ti heart rate monitor with its titanium band (I made that part up – the titanium band will not protect “Polarman” from Kryptonite – and I also should have had on an unbuttoned dress shirt).

Regardless of how bad my idea was and its shortcomings, “Polarman” is still back and the next time that you see him, he will be wearing his brand new Blue Polar M400 as a member of Team Polar!

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