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Insanity Day Three – Cardio Power & Resistance

Okay, this is a 40:00 workout and I was hoping for a little more talking from Shaun T with the clock running but it didn’t happen.   I don’t know what most of you do as a warm up before you stretch and do your workout, but for some people, the Insanity warm up would be quite a good cardio workout!

Got through the whole workout again and only faltered a little in a couple of places.   The more that I do these workouts, the more that I will be able to keep up with those youngsters that work out with Shaun and then my ego will be fit, too.

Personally, I think that Shaun T should be on Dancing With The Stars.   He is a big guy and moves with grace and lightness.     If he could dance with his shirt off, he would win hands down!

If you want to experience the exhilaration of Insanity and the runner’s high (or Insanity high), then why not take that leap of faith,   get Insanity, and join me in the fun!

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