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Fitness, Faith and Success

Although Albuquerque isn’t part of the US considered the “Bible Belt“, we have our fair share of churches. We are also in one of the best parts of the country for fitness – 300 or more days of sun every year, little snow, sleet or freezing rain and the bulk of our rain comes on summer afternoons.   We are part of the “fitness belt” that runs the length of the Rocky Mountains.   We have a lot of fitness and faith here and I think that the two have a lot in common.

Whether you worship in a church, mosque or synagogue, you believe that your faith will overcome the challenges that you face in your life and that you will be blessed with the basic necessities in life and perhaps even more “wealth”. Whether you are a firm believer in walking, running, swimming, cycling or indoor activities like workout DVD’s like I am or fitness club workouts or programs (or any combination of these), you believe and have faith in getting the results that you desire – weight loss, better fitness, better health, more energy and so forth.

I contend that the only way that you can achieve success in your fitness program is through faith. You have to become a “convert” to fitness and believe on the good days and bad that no matter what, your “faith” will help you lose the weight that you want to lose, help you get stronger or your heart and lungs healthier or whatever your fitness goal happens to be. All religions are based on a belief that through faith you will achieve an ultimate goal. Your faith in your fitness program, whatever it is – and it must be the program that is best for you and not necessarily someone else’s belief system – is the only way that you can truly achieve success. Find the “faith” system that works for you, stick with it and be a “believer” and you will achieve the ultimate “rewards” that you are seeking.

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