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The Comeback of a Lifetime Well Lived

I have a genetic “defect”. I share the same “symptoms” that my parents did, which is to be giving beyond my means. They lived a life that was poor in terms of material wealth, but rich in terms of helping others and I am seemingly destined to do the same. For the last 22 years, I have passionately dedicated myself to helping others become healthier, more fit and to develop a love for running and fitness through coaching runners, personal training, my fitness websites and now by being a Million Dollar Body Coach. But in the process, I have become poor and now face a staggering debt to pay. And no, it is not because of a lavish lifestyle or overspending. Far from it. I live with my family in a small house in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I now have my office in a two car garage that I made into a playroom for my girls and an office space for me. I work seven days a week and haven’t had a vacation in five years.

So why am I so poor? To a certain extent, it has been circumstances including health issues that have combined to create unforeseen challenges. Call it very bad luck if you will. But for the most part, the problem all along has been that I preach the gospel of fitness and my “congregation” is just too small and most people just don’t get it. In today’s world, spending on high tech gadgets has much more appeal than spending on fitness. Wanting to lose 20 pounds or be healthier is not translating into the actions that it will take to achieve those goals. Perhaps if I “preached” eternal damnation as a pastor might do, I would have more people paying attention and focusing their energy on my message, but in the near term there is little consequence for not taking care of our bodies. The quick glimpse in the mirror after getting out of the shower or stepping on the scale and seeing the needle creeping ever upward aren’t enough to prompt a change, so what will it take? I once had a personal training client whose name was Stewart. He was a wonderful guy who was obese, out of shape and smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. It wasn’t until he walked up the stairs in his house one night and started spitting up blood in his bathroom sink that he decided to quit smoking cold turkey and to turn his life around and become healthy again.

His story was the comeback of a lifetime well lived as mine must be, too. Stewart made a commitment to change and asked for help. I responded to his need because of my “defect” and have been responding to people’s needs ever since. Together we can turn our lives around. I need you to be passionate about the long term consequences of being overweight, obese, out of shape and having lifestyle issues like drinking in excess or smoking and together we can all have the comebacks of a lifetime. It wasn’t too late for Stewart, it isn’t too late for you and it isn’t too late for me to turn our lives around. Whether success is at the top of the stairs or around the corner, it is near at hand. I need you to listen and respond to my “pleas” more than you will ever know because your positive, life changing actions will become part of my lifetime well lived….

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