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Does A Stomach Virus Have You Running?

Shake it off!   That’s what I did.   As a stomach virus went through our family, I turned to Shakeology both to settle my stomach and to provide the nutrients that my body needed.   In my last post, I mentioned the progression of how I felt,   and that on the first day, I had only Shakeology all day.   Yesterday, my symptoms were significantly lessened but my appetite and stomach were still not right.   I started my day with Shakeology and then tried a little breakfast and a little lunch, but my stomach was simply not ready and protested vigorously.   For dinner, I went back to a shake consisting of plain yogurt, banana, a little peanut butter and a scoop of Shakeology and my stomach completely settled down again.   In two days of eating very little solid food, I completely controlled my diarrhea, I was able to continue working, do a light workout each day and lost only .8 pounds.   As today unfolds, I have already worked out and seem able to resume a full schedule of being a full time work at home Dad!

Why not try Shakeology risk free and you too will see how your health will be improved and your ability to keep going when the going gets tough, enhanced.   To learn more about Shakeology and to order, click here.

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