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Week 3 of My P90X Journey

I am right in the middle of week 3 of the  P90X Classic routine. As a mom of 4 and fitness instructor, my life is pretty busy. Mostly with kid stuff. I only teach bootcamp 2 times per week because of the kids. For a few months that was it for exercise. I put everything first, instead of taking time to keep myself healthier.

 So I decided to change things around and make the time to workout. I truly think this helps me to be a better mom. I have the energy to keep up with them and the strength to carry a toddler around too.

 After 3 weeks I feel awesome. I’m more energized, I’m eating better, and I feel a lot stronger and leaner too.

 I wasn’t eating all that bad before, but I definitely think I lacked enough protein in my diet and was guilty of eating the food my toddler and preschooler would leave behind. Trust me that adds up. But now I am able to pass up those goldfish or leftover pancakes, and switch to a healthy snack like almonds and an apple, or a protein shake.

 So far I am totally impressed with P90X and the results I am seeing with my body. I promise to post more pictures to my Team BeachBody profile page  soon:)

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