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Back to basics…baby steps

I started my first round of P90X on December 31, 2008. It wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, that just happened to be the day I started. Before that, I was not a fan of exercise. I didn’t know how or what to do, and saw no purpose in figuring it out. P90X changed all that for me.

After one round, I was hooked, addicted, and 30 lbs lighter. Another round, and 15-20 more lbs gone. And most important, I felt GREAT! So, I took on Insanity. Another 5-10 lbs shredded away, and once again, feeling even better. No exaggeration, I felt like I was 20 years younger.

Then, December 2009, I started having shoulder pain. Pull-ups, that ain’t happening. I struggled to do what I could over the next 11 months, and even did another round of P90X. But in October 2010, I found out I had torn my rotator cuff…on both shoulders!

December 2010 I went under the knife, and had surgery on the left shoulder. For one month, I struggled with simple task, like getting dressed, showering, and even driving. For someone who’s used to exercising 6-7 days a week, this was a mental struggle, and my energy was declining.

p90 goodMy plan was to start working out again in the Summer, once the pain was manageable. But when February rolled around, I decided I needed to get back at it as soon as possible. I needed to do something, as my shoulder was starting to lock up. My weapon of choice, Power90.

Power90 is a beginner program, not too intense, but done right, a great workout. It includes a few sculpt (strength) and sweat (cardio) routines, and a nutrition plan. Combined together, and you have a plan to lose weight and/or get in shape.

The plan is set up for you to do the beginning stages for the first month, then the advanced level for months 2 & 3. For a beginner, this is the perfect program to build up your stamina and strength. But I decided to accelerate.

I transitioned to the advanced routines in month 2, just as scheduled. But, I decided I’m going to step up even more for month 3, so, I’m moving to the Power90 Master Series. I’m looking forward to the challenge, and strengthening the shoulder more.

What’s after that? Right now the plan is to move on to Insanity: The Asylum. It’s a 30-day program, and more important, it’s extreme, just the way I like it!

The downside, the right shoulder is still a problem. Will it hold up until I can get the surgery? We’ll see. I’ll play it smart, and continue to take baby steps while I test what I can do. I know from experience, pushing too hard too fast is a sure way to end up on the bench.

If you’re just starting out, returning after a few months/years, or a seasoned vet, play it smart. You have the rest of your life to work on perfecting your plan. Take your time, make a plan, get prepared, and make adjustments along the way.

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