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P90X Day 3: Shoulders & Arms – No Sweat

Compared to yesterday’s Plyometrics X workout, today was no sweat – or at least I wasn’t sweating like I was yesterday.   I woke up with sore legs and knowing that my body had moved in ways that it wasn’t used to after yesterday’s workout.

After listening to Tony Horton’s comments before the workout began, I knew that I had to put in a good effort because, as he said, this is the “glamor” workout and the one that makes you look good in tank tops.   I was all in on this one!

P90X Shoulders & Arms focuses on shoulders, biceps and triceps.   Each set has three different exercises and hits the shoulders, then the biceps and finishes with triceps.   Since your biceps and triceps are opposing muscles, they give that definition or size to your arms that gets them noticed.

You can learn more about P90X by clicking here and you can join me in the WOWY SuperGym each day by clicking here.

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