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The Bonding Benefits of a 30-Day Plan

I saw this awesome article from Chalene Johnson and just had to post it because it is so absolutely true!

An interview with Chalene Johnson

Everyone gets something beneficial from exercise: more energy, strength, great abs. What many people don’t realize, however, is that exercise can also be a powerful bonding experience.

“When emotions get the best of us, it’s common to see people, especially women, turn to food,” explains Chalene Johnson, celebrity fitness trainer and creator of Beachbody’s popular Turbo Jam ® fitness video series and ChaLEAN Extremeâ„¢, launching October 2008. “It’s something else to focus on other than the problem at hand. The result, however, is a negative, downward spiral of putting on pounds.” She adds, “Finding something healthy to focus on can help you turn the situation around into something positive.”

For example, exercise. As Chalene notes, “It has no negative side effects. It helps you transform your body. It improves your mood, confidence, and patience. You’re better able to handle daily stresses. You treat people better. And when you’ve reshaped your body, there’s no greater feeling.”

Chalene practices what she preaches. She has personally found that the most significant way to bond with friends, family, and people who are coping with similar issues is through exercise. Just like being at a party, exercise brings your guard down, but again, you’re not taking in any extra calories.

“Some of my most profound conversations with friends have been when we’ve taken a long walk or run together,” explains Chalene. “We’re both better for it.” She adds, “I like socialization that’s built around exercise versus food and drink.” The interesting thing is, Chalene says, “it only takes one person to convince others to take the first step.”

You can be that champion. Make a 30-day plan with a group of people you care about. “If you can’t do 30 days to get yourself lean, there’s an indicator that something’s wrong,” Chalene says. But when people get involved and you start bonding, you’ve got built-in motivation and support to get going and keep at it. “The results will be euphoria, weight loss, and increased confidence.”

What works for Chalene?

  1. Never leave exercise to chance. “Exercise has to be scheduled with the same regularity as picking up your child at school. It’s that important. I wake up at 5:45 and work out. That’s when nobody needs me. I want to stay in bed, but when I’m finished working out, I think, ‘Thank God I did that I feel so good!’ You won’t find the time. You have to make the time. Because ChaLEAN Extreme is all about building muscle to burn fat, you will see results fast, which will inspire you to stick with the program.”
  2. The early bird gets the results. “People who work out in the morning tend to lose weight faster, keep it off longer, and stay with a regular workout schedule. Turbo Jam is a fun, upbeat way to fit fitness into your life. It doesn’t take a lot of space; you can do it when the kids are asleep, or even invite the kids to join in. They love all the kicking and punching moves!”
  3. Partner up. “Sharing any experience, including exercise, keeps you motivated and on track. And it provides a more positive outlet for socializing and bonding.”
  4. Create the right environment. “Just like in your office, you have your keyboard, printer, and phone nearby to get your job done. The same is true for getting fit. Rid the pantry and the freezer of unhealthy foods and keep healthy snacks on hand. I let my kids have what they want, but they often don’t eat the bad stuff because it’s out of sight. When they choose a food, I tell them whether it will ‘make you stronger’ or ‘slow you down.’ Presented in that context, they choose more wisely.”

Life can get crazy, so stay empowered and in control by keeping your health and fitness on track, and find like-minded people to share in your experiences. You’ll find the results go far deeper than your newly sculpted body. More and more people will want to join you and enjoy the same wonderful journey.

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