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Forever Young?

After spending years in the lab, I have come up with the formula for being forever young:   Regular exercise + good nutrition + positive lifestyle choices = forever young – or at least quality of life for a longer period of time than most people think possible.   You know that’s not my formula and you know that I didn’t spend years in the lab.   That just comes from the teachings of the school of common sense. 

We need only look no farther from home than our very own Tony Horton.   His birthday, in case you didn’t know, is July 2, 1959.   On Google Chrome when you search for “Tony Horton’s birthday”, this box appears:
Tony Sawyer Horton

Tony is the picture of health and vitality and his body rivals anyones of any age.   Starting, I believe, in 2004 with the Great Body Guaranteed series, the Power Half Hour, Power 90, P90X, 10 Minute Trainer and now P90X2, his physical prowess has been on display.   What is his formula for success?   The same one that I stated above and he has tested it and proved it throughout his career.

In a Discovery Channel interview he said, “I was a tackling dummy when I played high school football, I never got into an actual game. I also didn’t make the tennis team. And I didn’t have the lung capacity to play basketball. Then, when I was in college, I got it: you need to do this at least 5 days a week. And train and practice. Everything changed.”   That is when he got it.

What does Tony also say about beating Father Time?   “Two things we lose when we get older are speed and balance. Traditional exercises don’t address this. You just do the same movements over and over. Boring. Plateaus and injury are coming if you keep doing that. You need to move in multiple directions.”

Tony Horton Medicine Ball Push UpsHe goes on to say, “What we do is inside training for the outside world.   After having a plan and a purpose, the magic is 3 things:

1. Variety: If you’re a fast twitch guy, do some slow twitch exercises. Add in things that will help you do what activities you want to do, better. Work on your strengths and the things you love, but also add in things you’re weaker at. That’s key.

2. Consistency: Again, 5 days is the minimum, 6 is ideal. And you’ll stop the “on and off” nightmare most people have.

3. Intensity: Push the envelope a little bit. It shouldn’t be easy. But make sure you have good form, pay attention while you’re doing it, and don’t train to get hurt.

The choice is yours as Tony says in his final comment in the interview, “Watching American Idol makes you an idle American.”

What’s it going to be, idle or an “idol” like Tony Horton?   Are you going to grow old when you are young or are you going to be young when you are old?   Beachbody has the products and Team Beachbody has the support, incentives and accountability to keep you young, fit and healthy and to become in your own way, an American idol of health, vitality, energy and quality of life.

If you want to join the Team Beachbody community and be part of Tony’s “family”, just click here and start working on being forever young!


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