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This Is Not Your Father’s Home Based Business

When we began paying commissions on sales of Beachbody products to our customers, with an incentive for them to bring in additional reps to spread the word, the only customer complaints pertained to the seedy reputation of other multi-level marketers as a “pyramid scheme”.

That reputation is largely due to the millions of families who are still stuck with inventory of soap, pills, and water filters from business ventures of the past, and the pressure to effectively become the sales manager to your own friends and family members.

After just six months of operation, I can proudly say, we are none of any of that. We are promoters of health and fitness. And for the people who get in and get active with Million Dollar Body, the opportunity is anything but “traditional” network marketing, but with every bit of potential for financial reward.

Actually, I think I’ve probably offended more network marketers than we’ve signed up because of my convictions. (I sometimes speak my mind a little too freely. Ask me about the “Pyruvate Incident” sometime.) The reason we may not be immediately attractive to network marketing heavyweights is our commitment to making this home based business opportunity about getting people healthy and active – FOR REAL! That in itself is a multi-billion dollar opportunity if we stay focused on the real goal. The fact that I won’t pitch the money potential first and the health benefits second makes me look foolish to those who have made their big bucks hawking business opportunities. The fact that we don’t require people to invest thousands of dollars in inventory looks counter-intuitive to the folks who are used just to selling “the next hot breakthrough”. But imagine how many millions of people who need a friend to lend them a hand in getting more active would appreciate something that could also earn them an extra income! THAT’S OPPORTUNITY with REAL substance!

And that’s why this concept and the Beachbody faithful who are helping it grow are so special.

Exercise will NEVER go out of style. No drug can replace exercise. No electrical stimulation device can make it easier. If you want your body to work and feel good, you need to use it, or you will feel the consequences sooner than you expect. Eating right is simple. We show you how to achieve it. That has value to everyone around you. We are committed to helping people understand how to do it. That is the word we are spreading. Beachbody customer complaints generally stem from those who didn’t have the support or accountability to stay with the program they purchased. Million Dollar Body changes all that by connecting people together in a “network” of support. That’s the revolution that we’re committed to creating here!

The miraculous stories of people who rediscover exercise and how their lives change because of it is the heart of what we do. The financial opportunity and how it has already helped people pay off their mortgages, pay for their kids school, or buy the car they always wanted are also incredible and meaningful. The two go hand in hand with what is so substantial about this opportunity.
The other day in a meeting I made a point about how I would pitch this if I could be a coach. I wouldn’t whip out photos of the new car my commissions bought me, or the flat screen TV being installed at the house thanks to my rank advancements, I would show my before and after photos, and tell my friend that they can do it too if they make a simple “20 in 30” promise…

“I hear you complaining about your energy, about how your clothes fit, and how you don’t like the way your body looks… If you want to change all that, I promise you, you can. And it can generate an income for you too. If you want to get results, I will help you; All you need to do is promise me two things: (1) Get started on something: Sign up, pick a program, and do at least 20 workouts in 30 days. And (2) Pass it on: Ask two people whose health you care about to do the same thing. That’s it. If you don’t see results in those 30 days, you can quit and get the money back for the product. But I know you will see results, and your life will change. And people will ask you if you’re on a diet. And you’ll tell them about this. And you will be in business. That’s how easy things happen when you make that simple decision: Commit to at least 20 workouts in 30 days. All you need to do right now is stop thinking about it, and make those two promises to me: Get started, and pass it on.”

Will some of our coaches make a lot of money by signing up, getting two more to sign up, and qualifying to help support our customers to get success? Absolutely. And some won’t make a thing or care about it. They’ll do it so they can feel the same thing I get to feel every day I get a success story email.

We’re entering a period of very dramatic growth. The lead pool is going to accelerate in the next few months. The coaches who get in now and share our vision of helping people get healthy are the ones who deserve the financial rewards. The kind of coaches I want to help us build this will be a positive force of health and peer support, and they will reap the rewards. I don’t care if you wear a tie (I don’t), I don’t care if you spend your money on toys or education, I don’t care if you walk, jog, or crush P90X. All I care about is that you get healthy, and that you contact your coaches and customers from time to time to help them stay accountable to their plan as well.

You are the elite, and together we’re changing the state of health in this country!

Carl Daikeler – CEO of Product Partners and Million Dollar Body

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