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Former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and I share a love of inspirational stories, quotes and videos I learned yesterday. I was searching on Prime for a running video to watch and I saw, “Running for Jim“, the inspirational story of Coach Jim Tracy, his team and his battle with ALS. One of his runners, Holland Reynolds, was so determined to help her coach and her team win another state championship that even though she collapsed before the finish line, she crawled over the line to finish and secure the win for San Francisco University High School in November 2010.


Hearing about Holland’s effort to finish, Coughlin used video of it to inspire his team from the first team meeting in July to the last meeting on February 5th, 2012 right before Super Bowl XLVI. The theme for that year was “finish” and finish the season they did with a Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots 21-17.

I don’t know what inspires you to “finish”, but whatever it is, use it to reach your goals and then go beyond them to inspire others. I recently watched “Remember the Goal” and it brought tears to my eyes because it is so inspiring and now “Running for Jim” probably will, too, when I finish it. Be inspired and “FINISH”!

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