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Free Samples and a Surprise on November 1st!

Free Samples and a Surprise on November 1st!

When I think of free samples, I think of food tasting. You may think that I live in the boonies in New Mexico (I don’t) or lead a sheltered life (just a #Dadlife), but that’s what I think of. There are lots of things that could come to mind, but whatever they are, if offered, I usually say a polite no thank you.

Yesterday, though, I didn’t say no to checking out a Morning Meltdown 100 free sample workout on Beachbody On Demand. I have not been that interested in the program because I thought that it might be too upbeat (not unfounded when you check out the “Introduction to Morning Meltdown 100” video), the music was too loud (someone posted that and it’s not) or any number of excuses that I made. But then I did Workout 2 Upbeat Strength and loved it. Jericho McMatthews is really a talented trainer and she leads an excellent workout. The workout that I did was short because I didn’t have much time but I am looking forward to doing another one (mostly likely the sample workout) on Thursday. Jericho could very well become a favorite trainer from what I saw and experienced yesterday during the workout.

Beachbody On Demand Free Samples Workout Morning Meltdown 100

But maybe Morning Meltdown 100 isn’t for you (just don’t get thrown off like I did by the Introduction video). Everyone has a different fitness personality. Because of that, I went ahead and put four workouts on my website. They are my “free samples” for you to try and enjoy. Here they are as a sampling of what I thought that you might like.

21 Day Fix Real Time Sample Workout

LIIFT4 Sample Workout

6 Weeks of The Work Sample Workout

Morning Meltdown 100 Sample Workout

I hope that you enjoy my “free samples”. They are just a random selection of what you can try on Beachbody On Demand. Always remember that you can get a 14 day free trial of Beachbody On Demand just by clicking on the 3 Month Membership (scroll down and you will see it).

6 Weeks of The Work Promo Code

6 Weeks of The Work with Promo Code
The promo code for 6 Weeks of the Works is only good until Halloween night, but it can be used unlimited times. We believe so much in the program that we want everyone to try it and see what it can do for you. To redeem the $20.00 promo code, click here.

Shakeology Pumpkin Spice is Still in Stock, but Something New is Coming on Friday!

Pumpkin Spice Shakeology is in stock and you can grab a box or two (click here) before it is replaced by Peppermint Mocha Shakeology, which is launching November 1st!

Peppermint Mocha Shakeology


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