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Rising Above the Clouds That Are Hanging Over Us

Rising Above the Clouds

On Sunday, I was blessed to be able to run again on the Pino Trail here in Albuquerque on a day that would seem less than favorable for an enjoyable run. Light rain, 62 degrees (after it has been so warm, even in the morning) and cloudy. But even with the climb up, it became something magical. Two weeks ago I did it and it was sunny and quite a bit warmer, but to be in the woods on the side of a mountain with the clouds right above me made it something very special.

Few clouds that are hanging over us are enjoyable, though. There are health issues that are like a cloud over us or marital issues, addiction, you name it. Life is full of things that can block the light of life from shining on us because they consume our joy.

Is There a Cloud Hanging Over You?

The cloud hanging over me is financial. I spent 10 years trying to save a marriage for the sake of our two children and in the end I failed. Now I have this financial cloud over me that seems like it will take forever to lift so that I can see the sun again.

Yes I make good money as a Team Beachbody Coach and yes I have all of the blessings of working from home and raising my children, but when there are clouds over us, most of us can’t wait to see the sun again.

So just as I did on the trail, I keep going, even though the going sometimes gets tougher and tougher. On the run, the magic was in the cloud and what I got out of being at 7,000′, knowing that I got there because of my health and fitness.

If there is a cloud that is hanging over you, just keep going, no matter how hard it gets. And maintain your health and fitness. It is what will sustain you in the trials and challenges in life and it makes everything we face easier to deal with.

Rising Above the Clouds

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