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Are You Ready to Get Inspired and Reach Success?

Inspiration can come from many places, but your belief in yourself will control your actions.

Success stories always start with an inner desire for making something happen. There is a reason, a “why?”,   that sparks our motivation, commitment and determination to reach a goal. No one else can decide we are ready and make us commit to the hard work. We need to find our own inspiration from within ourselves, and never give up.   Until we believe that we can reach our goal and have a reason for achievement, we will never be ready to persevere through the physical and emotional challenges and obstacles that come with the journey.

Many people start fitness and nutrition programs and never finish. They can have all the motivation, support and best resources, but may never reach success unless they figure out their “why?”- their inner inspiration. Envisioning the end result often helps, but we need to believe that we can get there, no matter what happens along the way. Fear of failure, lack of time, no motivation, self-confidence or patience…. often deter us from making a change.   We think everything has to be perfect or the right time. Nothing is ever perfect, we need to make the time, and if we don’t make mistakes, we aren’t really trying.

Sometimes, we are forced into getting out of our comfort zone and making a change. That’s what happened to me when I had to follow the assignments from my doctor and nutritionist to feel better from the negative symptoms of Hypoglycemia. I decided that I would do everything I could because I was tired of feeling physically, mentally and emotionally sick. I had to change my eating, follow a strict meal plan, find fitness programs to build more lean muscle… or suffer from the symptoms. I was overwhelmed, but I told myself I was going to do it no matter how difficult.   My “why?” was so I could live each day without feeling tired, anxious, sad, weak…and enjoy my life to its full extent. I was given strict goals to reach, and I did it!   My journey involved many obstacles and tears, but also small accomplishments that I celebrated. It wasn’t easy, and it’s still not easy, but well worth it!!   A push is exactly what I needed in my life to bring out the best in me. My experience showed me that through the hard work and overwhelming emotions, I became stronger in many ways.   I got through the challenges, and absorbed many lessons.

I get disappointed when people don’t try their best…not for me, but for them.   I know they are capable to start a change, however small it may be. Start somewhere, have confidence to continue, and you’ll be so glad you did. No regrets…just results!   As a fitness/nutrition coach, I’m often asked questions about the right fitness programs, meal plans,   and nutritional supplements. I guide people after hearing their goals and interests on what to eat and what fitness programs and nutritional products may be right for them. Ultimately, they need to decide that they will commit with consistency for a change to happen.   I can guide with advice, show good examples, lead by following what I believe works, but I can’t do the work for anyone.

Your mind has so much power to control your feelings, beliefs, attitude and actions. Use positive thinking to battle fears, struggles and doubts. Don’t strive for perfection, but for excellence in doing your best. Celebrate your accomplishments and don’t compare yourself to others. You don’t know how many times they’ve failed before achieving success. Decide that you want to put in the effort, believe that you can do anything, and you will get results. Contact me when you’re ready! or

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