Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi
Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Few things are more powerful than having the will to act

Some things are easy to do, but very difficult to actually do. Having the will to act means more than just thinking you should work out, clean the garage, or play with your children. Having the will to act makes you different because you actually do the things you know need to be done. Like water droplets on still water, when you act, you cause ripples that will travel a great distance. Get down on the floor and play with your children and they will grow up to imitate you and will in turn play with their children.

Eat poorly and don’t exercise and your time on this earth will likely be limited. The quality of the time you spend here will certainly be impacted as well. However, this tiny little word, ‘act’, can completely alter the path of your life and everyone you come into contact with.

My own life is an example of this – My young adult life started in the military and progressed into a 20 career as an aircraft mechanic. As it turns out, I’m fairly good with computers and decided to alter my career and become an IT professional. I took decisive action to make that happen. I worked full-time, while attending college to get my degree, while raising my children.  Now I’m the Director of IT for a multi-million dollar defense contracting company. I really enjoy computers, and I absolutely love my corner office, view, and overall career as an IT professional.

Moving into my 40’s and realizing that I had become morbidly obese, unhealthy, and at risk of not being here to see my 4 sons graduate college, meet a girl, or join the NFL as a professional football player, I realized it was again time to act.

It took attempting P90X and failing, and ultimately watching the DVD’s from my couch for a spark to cause me to actually act. Once I did, my life was transformed completely and now I am doing my best to have an effect on everyone I come into contact with.

When you finish reading this, ask yourself “Am I the kind of person that actually acts?” Whatever answers whispers inside you in response, please listen to it and do one of two things.

If your quiet, internal whispered answer was “no, not really” – Please find little exercises that you can practice trying to actually act. I don’t need to give you examples because you have already thought of a couple in the amount of time that it took you to read this sentence.

If your quiet, internal whispered answer was “Yes, I do act” – Please share this story, your advice, and coach someone you know that could benefit from learning how to actually act. We all know people who are slow to take action. You can use your special powers to
help others!



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