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Beating The Winter Dryness Blues!

If you’re like me, winter can wreak havoc on your skin and your hair. There are a few simple tweaks to your routine that you can do to end cold-weather skin and hair problems for good.

Cut back on sugary foods. Loading up on simple carbs (cake, cookies, muffins, white breads) can cause breakouts. A diet high in refined carbs can lead to increased insulin levels which can raise inflammation in your body & skin. Need a sweet & healthy pick me up? Try fresh winter fruits, like oranges, apples, kiwi. Or go for frozen treats like homemade banana” ice cream.” Another great, all natural way to satisfy your chocolate cravings and provide plenty of vitamins & minerals is Shakeology, the nutrient dense shake with 70 healthy ingredients in one delicious tasting glass.

Load up on fish oil. Fish is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Studies show that people who take fish oil capsules containing DHA have a 20 percent improvement on eczema symptoms. Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel & sardines are good sources. But not everyone likes to eat fish. I like using Beachbody’s Core Omega 3 supplement. It provides the nutrients you need without any weird, fishy aftertaste or “fish burps” (eww.)

Do some damage control. Avocado oil & olive oil help lock in moisture for your hair. You can use the oil on foods. You can also start eating more avocado. And you can also use the oils on your hair & skin. Just make sure you’re extra careful in the shower after applying any types of oil. You don’t want to slip!

Drink more H2O. So many people unknowingly drink less water during the winter months. We don’t sweat as much & quite honestly it can be too cold to want to drink an ice-cold glass of water.   If drinking chilled water isn’t appealing, go for hot water & lemon or herbal tea.   And eat fruits high in water, such as apples, melons.

Get enough sleep. Believe it or not, getting 7-8 hours of sleep can do wonders for your skin and your hair. Just take a look in the mirror on a morning where sleep was awful and you will see what I mean.

These are just a few easy tips that you can start now to improve the texture of your skin and hair during the long, cold winter. Feel free to leave some tips below int he comments section!

Love & light!


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