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Insanity Fit Test – Day 1

Insanity Fit Test – Day 1

Well today was the official start of Day 1 of Insanity with my husband.   The Insanity Fit Test marked our first day.   We haven’t worked out together in years, so its fun to start something new with him.

I did Insanity last year and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that crazy about it.   I don’t know if it was because it was mid-summer and hot as hell, or if I just wasn’t mentally ready for it. So I did 4 weeks and quickly went running back to Tony Horton’s P90X.

Then I tried again in the fall, this time I thought I’d do a yoga/Insanity hybrid.   Well about 2 weeks into it I hurt my shoulder.   Too many chaturangas with my power yoga and too many push-ups with Insanity. But it did open up the door to trying Brazil Butt Lift, which was perfect around the holidays followed by more P90X.

Well at about week 8 of round 3, I started getting the itch to try Insanity again.   I surely thought I was crazy because why on earth would I want to try that again? But the thought kept needling its way in and sure enough I substituted one of the P90X cardio workouts for an Insanity workout.   Guess what! I made it through and actually felt great afterwards. So I tried it again on the next cardio day, and I was totally hooked.   So I asked my husband if he’d do a round of Insanity with me.   I was shocked when a week later he told me yes. Just to see if he was really on board, I tried a workout with him on Saturday and he loved it.  So much so that he wanted to do another on Sunday. So its official, we started Day 1 today. We trudged down to the basement at 5 am to start our insane journey.

The Fit Test is a workout in itself.   30 minutes of power exercises, combined with plyometrics, push ups and core exercises that make Pilates look like its for girlie’s.

And for the record, I like the Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide a lot better than the P90X Nutrition Guide (which I still like a lot).

Here are my results for today’s Fit Test:

Switch Kicks 100 (or 50 each leg)
Power Jacks 58
Power Knees 100
Power Jumps 44
Globe Jumps 8 (I know I sucked at this one, but I had also  worked out  12 days straight)
Suicide Jumps 14
Push-up Jacks 29
Low Plank Oblique 40 (not as easy as it sounds)

So the next Fit Test is on Day 15.   Let’s see if I can dig deeper and rock this!

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