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How “honey” gets you through your Insanity workouts

You’re probably wondering which honey to use to get you through those Insanity workouts. Organic, local, imported… No, not that type of honey! I’m talking about your “honey.” Whether its your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend,  or your kids, having someone close to you with the same goals can really help you get through your Insanity workouts or any other workouts for that matter. I have to admit,  I got the idea for this blog post from my friend Rich Dafter, after a Facebook comment he made. I thought it was cute and thought I’d write about it.

I got really used to working out solo for a long time.   Don’t get me wrong, I  love my solo workouts. Its my “me” time.   But there is something different about having a workout partner to hold you accountable. I felt like I pushed myself a little harder than I do when working out solo.   Not saying I go easy on myself, but there was a little bit of the “show off” factor going on when my husband got involved.   I don’t want him to think I’m a slouching during Insanity, LOL.

One of the cool things about working out with my husband is that we are comfortable not making small talk.  Well with Insanity, there really isn’t any opportunity for that.    One thing that bugs the both of us is people who talk your ear off at the gym. We can both workout, sweat, push each other, but not get on each other’s nerves. Perfect!!

If you’d like to share your story about working out with “honey,” please leave your comments below.

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