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For Beginners Only 30-Day Program

Is “For Beginners Only” Right for Me?

This is for you if you need to learn exercise fundamentals and want to fast-track your progress. By the end, you’ll be ready for another round or excited to take on a different program. Trainer Lacee Green walks you through the basics with precision and patience in the For Beginners Only Super Block but always keeps it fun and positive as she guides your cardio, strength, core, and mobility workouts. Feel empowered with moves you can master, supported by a trainer who shows you anything is possible.

What Are the Workouts Like?

Lacee builds you up from your very first workout with expert cues and encouraging words to guide you safely and effectively through a range of exercises. As you progress into Week 2, she introduces more intensity—but still at your pace—with precise coaching in every move. You’ll build off these first weeks by taking all the movements you’ve learned and combining them in Week 3. You can repeat this Super Block with Lacee as many times as you want, or plug into a new BODi Block of For Beginners Only each month.


UP Week for Unconditional Progress

The fourth week of your Super Block is your UP Week, which stands for Unconditional Progress. This is the week your body recovers—take time off or do the 2 optional workouts to keep up your progress while giving your body time to repair. You can also explore other BODi classes or watch Monthly Mindset Master Classes from guest presenters. These options are designed to strengthen your inner motivation and mindset as you look ahead to new goals and build on this moment of feeling incredible.

Nourish Your Body

Make your Health Esteem routine complete with one of our healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset or Portion Fix, and access over 1,000 yummy recipes to get you started. Fuel your body and get the most from your workouts with a delicious superfood shake and clean pre-workout energy. Shakeology tastes like a gourmet dessert with whole-food-based ingredients to help support healthy digestion, energy, and lean muscle.** Energize is a clean pre-workout formula that gives you a boost of energy and helps sharpen your focus so you can push through every workout with more endurance.*

Get the Support You Need

Connect with your Accountability Partner to join their accountability group and get a support system you can count on. You’ll find friends to celebrate your wins and cheer you on when you need it most—or welcome you back with gentle accountability when life gets in the way. It’s your community of like-minded people who always have your back and keep you moving forward.

Meet Lacee

Entrepreneur, NASM certified group fitness instructor, and proud mom Lacee Green has broken multiple glass ceilings. She’s committed to showing that fitness comes in every shape, size, and color, and that every body is beautiful. You may recognize Lacee as the modifier from #MBF or from her live classes on BODi. Now she brings her contagious positivity to For Beginners Only, her program for anyone beginning their fitness journey. With more than a decade of experience helping people live their best lives, there’s no doubt you’ll leave her workouts feeling on top of the world!
Meet Lacee

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