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Helping Keep Bodies Fit and Healthy with BODi

Our La Luz Trail Adventure

Our La Luz Trail adventure in the Sandia Mountains was filled with awesome vistas. We had planned a 7 mile day and turned around at 8,500′. The hike begins at about 7,000′ in the La Luz Trail parking lot at about 7,000′ and steadily begins to climb.

Our La Luz Trail adventure begins

My daughter Grace and I hike most of the way up and then run most of the way down. She is very strong on the uphills and loves to hike. I love to run but when you start at 7,000′ it takes a while to get into a rhythm.

Grace takes the lead on the La Luz Trail

It doesn’t take long before we start to see breathtaking views to the west of Albuquerque, the mesa, the volcanoes and Mt. Taylor about 60 miles away.

View to the west from the La Luz Trail

Although very well traveled, the La Luz Trail can be rocky and challenging in places and there is a steep drop-off

along the entire trail because of all the switchbacks.

My daughter Grace on a rocky section of the trail

After doing 7 miles on the Pino Trail two days before, our plan was to repeat that on the La Luz Trail. Our turnaround at 3.5 miles was at about 8,500′ and then we began the run down.

Altitude on the La Luz Trail where we turned at 3.5 mile

The view on the trail at about 8,500'

It was another wonderful adventure on one of the most beautiful trails in Albuquerque, but we still love the Pino Trail and it remains our favorite trail in the Sandia Mountains. Our La Luz Trail adventure ends. Time to head home!

Back to the parking lot!

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