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Talk About Being Blessed

This morning was Prehistoric Preschool class at the NM Museum of Natural History and after class, the girls and I had lunch at the museum.   We left there with coats, water bottles, projects, etc. and our hands were full.   Before getting the girls into the car, I set the projects down on the curb.   As I was getting them buckled in, I got a phone call from someone interested in being a Team Beachbody Coach.   It was a great conversation ending just as we got home and that is when I realized that I left the projects on the curb, so back we went to the museum.

Not only were the projects still there 20:00 later, but I got another phone call from another person interested in being a coach and drove home having another great conversation sharing about the Team Beachbody opportunity.

What a blessing to not only be fortunate enough to go with my kids to their preschool class because as coaches we set our own hours, but also being able to share with other people with so much trust and faith and passion, what I do.   Being a Team Beachbody Coach has turned into one of my greatest blessings and as I said in the second conversation, “Being a coach is my career and I don’t ever expect to be doing anything else”.

Have questions about the Team Beachbody opportunity, contact me any day of the week and we can talk, too!

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