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Is There A Secret to Having a Flat Stomach?

First of all, if you are trying to get a flat stomach, I commend you because many, many people these days are trying to lose weight and certainly are not at the point where they can think about having a flat stomach.

I have six good articles on my website and all of them provide information on how to have a flat stomach. The classic is by Jorge Cruise and it is entitled, “8 Minutes to a Flat Belly” and starts out by addressing why abdominal fat is bad for your health. In an excerpt from the article, Cruise writes, “Here’s the real bad news about abdominal fat. Belly fat is worse for your health than fat in your butt or thighs. Yes, belly fat tends to trigger your liver to release its stored fatty acids — raising your cholesterol levels. It also tends to alter levels of key hormones involved in appetite, fat storage, and heart disease. In fact, when you gain weight in your abdomen, and these hormones become altered, you tend to feel hungrier, you eat more, and your body tends to store more fat in your abdomen. It’s a vicious cycle — but you can break it!” He lists a number of ways that abdominal fat erodes your health and then goes on to list the benefits of having a firm belly.

Another very good article by Brad Schoenfeld, author of Look Great Naked is, “A Flatter Stomach is Just 3 Steps Away“. Schoenfeld first lists four myths about toning the tummy and then provides three great exercises with video demonstrations on how to do them which are really helpful.

Yet another excellent article is by Shawn Phillips (brother of Bill Phillips who is author of Body for Life), author of AbSolution and it is entitled, “10 Minutes to a Flatter Tummy“. Interestingly, he says, “The most important muscle you need to flex to get the tight-and-toned tummy you’ve always wanted? Your mind! Shawn says mental awareness is instrumental to the process of getting in shape. That’s where his three D’s come into play: Decide, Define and Develop.” He, too, has three effective exercises with video demonstrations of each one, making them easy to understand and do.

The “Ab Exercise Checklist to Tighten Your Tummy“, by Michael Stefano (author of the Firefighters Workout) also has three video demonstrations for correct form so that you can get the most effectiveness from these ab exercises.

And finally, there are two more articles, “10 Fitness Facts That in Reality are Fitness Myths” and “5 More Fitness Myths and the Fitness Facts Behind Them“, both by Ralph Calzadilla, and each article has a myth about how to get a flat stomach which are worth reading.

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