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Team Beachbody Success Story Katie Moran

Katie Moran was convinced that she would always be a “big” girl, and she was weighed down with negative thoughts. Katie had such low self-esteem that she thought it was impossible for her to lose weight even with proper exercise and nutrition.

Katie’s negative thoughts were so crippling that they prevented her from going to the gym or doing any physical activity. She thought she had to “already” be in great shape to go to the gym.

She would constantly ask herself, “Do I look fat today?” or, “Does this shirt hide my rolls?” She despised seeing herself in the mirror.

Finally, enough was enough. Watching a weight loss television show encouraged her to start a weight loss program. “Deciding,” yes. “Commiting,” no. She went to a gym for three months and lost two pounds just two pounds.

Completely discouraged, she let her eating habits get out of control again.

Then Katie’s turning point came. Her sister and brother-in-law started working out to Power 90 ®. They got almost immediate results, and Katie was intrigued. If it worked for them, maybe it could work for her. She liked how the workouts were geared toward real people struggling to get into shape. It was the first time Katie could identify with a workout program that made it okay for her to struggle with exercise. Katie felt at ease and encouraged Tony’s encouragement in the video saying, “If you need a break, take one. Push pause; we’ll still be here.”

Katie’s biggest obstacle was her own self-doubt, but when those thoughts would creep in, she turned to the support of her Coach, her brother-in-law Mark Filter.

Getting into shape has enabled her to have a healthy self image and has given Katie a new happy and joyful perspective on life. She has dropped thirty pounds and sixteen percent of her body fat. For all her hard work and dedication, Katie is a $1,000 winner in the June Million Dollar Body Game ®. Because of her success, Katie became a Beachbody ® Coach. “Since I was able to overcome my demons, I want to help others do the same.”

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