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Want to make some extra money in your spare time?

Make money in your spare time promoting the Team Beachbody online fitness club and make $19.44 on each membership! The Team Beachbody Club is the fastest growing, most effective and affordable online fitness club on the Internet.
Hundreds of thousands of members are enjoying the support, guidance, motivation and inspiration of the Team Beachbody national fitness community and you can make extra money in your spare time helping other people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals, simply by telling them about the benefits of the club.
What does it cost? Sign up for just $39.95 and pay just $14.95 a month! That’s it. No fine print and no additional costs and you can start telling your family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors about the Team Beachbody Club and start making money right away. Every time someone signs up, you make $19.44. If 10 people sign up, you make $194.40. It is as simple as that! Also, when the members that you sign up renew in 3 months, you get another $19.44 for each member who renews. In fact you make $19.44 on each renewal, every 3 months!
How do I get started? If you are ready to get started making some extra money in your spare time, then click here to get started. If you don’t trust the Internet and you are afraid this is a scam, then learn more about my business site by clicking here. You can learn more about me, Richard Dafter, and how I got started the same way you will and now make a substantial income promoting Team Beachbody full time, by clicking here. Please feel free to email me at or phone me toll free at 866 797-7336 (505 797-7336 in Albuquerque).
How do I actually promote the Team Beachbody Club? Once you sign up, you create your own Internet fitness website*. Your $14.95 monthly fee pays for your own online business site. Say you chose “jointheclub” as your screen name during the simple sign up process. Your Internet fitness site would then be – It is as simple as that! Once your site is set up, you simply tell your family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors to go to your website and click on “Join the Club” and you have made $19.44!
*Creating your website is simple and you just fill in information about why you are promoting Team Beachbody club memberships and Beachbody workout DVD’s and products. No computer skills are necessary and I provide all of your technical support.
What is the Team Beachbody Club? Want to see what a Team Beachbody Club member gets with their membership? Go to and log in. In the top right corner of the page enter as the member email and nextstep as the password. Browse the site and see the wealth of information and resources. To better understand all of the benefits, use the Guide to the Team Beachbody Club
Still not convinced? What if you got a 25% discount on all of your own purchases of Beachbody workout DVD’s and products. And what if you got a 25% commission on all of the Beachbody DVD and product purchases that your members made? You are not only making $19.44 for every member that signs up, $19.44 every time that your member renews every 3 months, but also a 25% commission on all of their purchases! All you have to do is sign up and get started.
What if I change my mind? As great as promoting Team Beachbody has been for me, it may not be right for you. You can cancel at any time in the first 30 days for a full refund. After that, you can cancel at any time and you will no longer be charged $14.95 a month for your web hosting fee.

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