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Fiercely Focused On Success

What will it take for you to be motivated and have a laser like focus on success? For David (see his story in this post below) it was being 19 years old and 360 pounds. For Chris Gardner, it was being homeless and having your two year old son with you (read his story here). For Stewart, it was walking up a flight of stairs and then spitting up blood in the bathroom sink because you were overweight and smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day (see his story in this post). For me, it is filling the first bucket in the life success guide by Denis Waitley entitled, “Overflowing Buckets of Wealth“.

If you have been following the “class outline”, you know that the year started by discussing resolutions, the purpose for those resolutions, the goal of success and this week, motivation.   Whether your motivation comes from a health scare, a financial need or the simple desire to finally commit to success in a fitness and weight loss program, make that motivation the driving force and maintain an unwavering, intense focus on the ultimate goal of success.

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