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He Saved His Own Life

A doctor telling him that, “in order to save your own life, it is vital that you get healthy” was David’s motivation, at 19 and David Saved His Own Life weighing 360 pounds, to start losing weight. At that weight, he was convinced that he’d never lose the weight, but he never let the challenges of weight loss get him down and now he’s a whole new person with a whole new life. Here’s his story:

David didn’t know where to start. He was skeptical when his older sister told him about a program that had worked for her and an aunt. Having tried a variety of fad diets and “springy fitness toys” with little success, David found it hard to buy into anything new. But he saw with his own eyes the difference it made for his aunt and sister. Their results and enthusiasm convinced David to give Power 90 ® a shot. The next thing he knew, his sister wanted to take “before” pictures and measurements. He was so nervous that he wouldn’t even take off his shirt for the camera. A few days later he Pushed Play for the very first time.Right off the bat, Tony was moving and David was struggling to catch up but his determination kept him going and, at the end of the first 35 minutes, he says that he “looked like [he] stepped out of a pool and panted like a woman giving birth.” This was the start for David and before he knew it, he was halfway through the program and 40 pounds lighter. Every time David ran into people he hadn’t seen in a while, they were blown away by the weight he’d lost. Recognition like this really helped keep him going. In a year he was down to 250 pounds but had hit a plateau. He decided to add Slim in 6 ® in the mornings and keep with his Power 90 at night. This combination, coupled with his now almost impeccable diet, led to great results. He was hooked on the programs and decided to move up to P90X ®. David says that P90X was the most challenging physical activity he’d ever attempted. But when he saw the results he knew it was worth it. Having lost an astounding 160 pounds, he had lost half of his body weight! Coming up on year five, David has managed to lose a total of 160 pounds and 27 percent body fat. But more importantly, he says, is that he’s kept it off and changed his lifestyle. His eating habits and exercise routine are all designed to help him lead a better and healthier life. He’s gained an abundance of knowledge and finds it funny that he, a former 360-pounder, now gives diet and exercise advice. David says that to struggle with a battle your whole life and come out victorious is the greatest feeling anyone could ever experience.

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