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Got Motivation?

If you have been following the class, then you will know that the theme of the first week was resolutions and having a purpose and the second week focused on the success that you can achieve when you are resolved to succeed. This week the theme is motivation.

I am in the midst of my usual morning rush that begins at about 4:30 am and then changes focus when my 3 year old, Grace, wakes up and comes looking for me to give me a big hug and then I make her breakfast. The rest of the day is a balancing act juggling the needs of my two little girls (Grace has a one year old sister, Carly), work and fitting in a workout (my hour of the day). I am mentioning this because it is typical of most people’s schedules these days and also because I received an email from one of my members this morning saying in response to a quick email asking how she was doing, “Overwhelmed is an understatement. As I mentioned before with work, grad school, and family it never seems to end. I try to find time out of my day to just ‘be’ and it doesn’t happen. There is ALWAYS something going on”. I remembered an article from my site and emailed it to her – The 80 20 Rule (Parteto Principle) that has some good time management tips.

The Friday article from last week was, “Success May Be Closer Than You Think” states that, “Countless research studies have made it crystal clear that the single most important factor in fitness success is motivation. Developing an appropriate (for you) program of what to eat, when to eat it, and how and when to exercise is absolutely essential. But without the proper motivation, you just won’t do what you know you should do. And as we all sooner or later discover, knowledge without action produces…nothing. The crucial link that turns knowing into doing is motivation. But the only motivation that counts is your own internal motivation. If you only have external motivation pushing you toward healthy behaviors (a dedicated fitness instructor, a “rah-rah” one-day workshop, or a nagging spouse), you’re just not going to make it.

This week let’s focus on what motivates us. I will share what motivates with me and, as always, you can post your motivation tips on the Message Board.

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