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What Do Working Out, WOWY, Working and Watching CNN Have In Common?

I wrote in another blog about how I am a “late adapter”, meaning that all of those things that to younger generations are second nature – texting, getting email on their phones, etc. – are more challenging and frankly not worth figuring out. My fingers are way too big to text and they are way too used to keyboards.

But today, I took a technological leap of faith and was able to do my workout – P90X Legs & Back – be logged into WOWY so that I had a chance to win the daily prize, have my cell phone handy to take your orders and all the while watching CNN Headline News. Although there were 87 people in the WOWY online gym, I had the “gym” all to myself. I didn’t have to wait for weights or wend my way past other people working out at the same time in the same space. I could “pause” my workout if the phone rang and the only thing that I missed was the minutes of headline news that would inevitably be repeated again in the next half hour.

What does all this mean to you? Whether you are a late adapter or just having problems adapting to a schedule that includes a daily workout, it is possible if you want it to happen. I choose to do an in home workout for the obvious advantages to me. I work long hours, have two little girls with me constantly, need to answer the phone when it rings – and need to do a workout every day. A workout that is for health in terms of reducing stress, for fitness so that I can be in good overall shape and to give my competitive dreams just a glimmer of hope.

As you know, I also go to the gym with Grace for her workout three times a week and given the fact the parking lot is always packed, many of you choose that route to achieve your health and fitness goals. That is highly commendable in a world that is shunning the traditional effort based endeavors to achieve goals and instead choosing a pill or a surgery or a performance enhancing drug.

Whatever path you take, know that the effort to get in your workout every day will reap ten fold rewards in terms of overall health, fitness, wellbeing, more energy and a more positive frame of mind.

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