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Everyday someone wants me to make up a meal plan for them.   I used to do this for my personal clients for free. But honestly I stopped because it was time consuming and I wasn’t getting paid for it.  

Don’t get me wrong, I do love to offer free help and advice, but sometimes you have to put limits on what you do for free and what is a service that should be paid for.   Since I’m not a registered nutritionist, I feel funny charging people for meal plans that I do create. So that’s why I stopped.   When I became a Team Beachbody Coach  I found a great alternative and problem solver is the Team Beachbody Custom Meal Plan Wizard that comes with the upgraded Club membership.

What I’ve also found to be a great tool for planning my meals is the nutrition guide books that come with almost every Beachbody workout program.   P90X, Insanity  and Brazil Butt Lift  are the 3 programs in my library. Each one of those came with a nutrition plan that’s easy to follow and if you like to cook, you can totally modify the recipes to suit your taste buds.

So here is a sample day for me from yesterday.   I’m in Phase 1 of the P90X Nutrition Plan.   Phase 1 is a lower carb phase, meaning 50% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat.   I’m taking in about 1800-2000 calories per day, eating 5-6 small meals.   These meals are inspired by or taken from the P90X Nutrition Guide.

Post workout snack

small recovery drink and a cup of  non-fat yogurt


Spinach & mushroom omelet with 8 oz milk,  1/2 a grapefruit and a cup of green tea


P90X Peak Performance Bar  (wildberry yogurt)


Grilled chicken over baby spinach with tomatoes, celery, baby carrots, avocado and balsamic/rice vinegar. And 1 TBS of vanilla whey protein powder mixed with water.


Chocolate Shakeolgy mixed with 4 oz chilled coffee, 4 oz milk and 4 oz water, and a dash of cinnamon


Roasted chicken breast with oven roasted veggies, spinach salad and one slice of whole wheat bread.

Again, I don’t really want to create a meal plan for you, but if you’re really serious about changing your ways in order to lose weight, burn fat and gain muscle, or just feel better, you need to get serious about your eating habits too.   But getting serious doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good or your starving yourself.   As you can see I had a lot of food yesterday.   My big treat was my Shakeology:)

For those of you who think its too expensive to buy a workout system like P90X or do the Custom Meal Plan Wizard, I say divide the cost by number of days in a month.   For instance the Meal Plan Wizard comes out to about 50 cents per day.   Considering what kind of junk we buy through out the day that costs more than that, I think the Custom Meal Plan Wizard is a bargain.

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