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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Whether you have a history of heart disease or cancer in your family, the numbers on the scale keep moving upward, you want to look good for an important event like a wedding or the mirror on the wall is giving you negative feedback, there is something to give you motivation to get fit, be healthy and allow your body to operate at an ideal weight.

I am fit, thin, healthy for today anyway, but last Saturday when I was in the Family Changing Room at our fitness club changing with my 3 year old to go swimming, I caught a glimpse of myself that I didn’t like. That was motivation. Granted, as we walked toward the pool, I saw a guy in a swim suit whose body left a whole lot to be desired and he seemed oblivious to his bulges (easing my conscience), but a mirror on the wall was all that I needed to commit to being as fit as I could be.

Does it take a health scare to get you motivated? Is there a certain number on the scale that you will need to see before you actually take action? Is your fitness and weight loss program seasonal or does it revolve around events in your life? Or is it as simple as seeing a body in the mirror that you don’t want to see? I know what I can achieve with my workout program, because what I achieved over the summer with my then 56 year old body was nothing short of amazing. Then I started focusing on my running (given a finite energy reserve), de-emphasized strength training and then realized once and for all that cardio alone will never give you the same look as a good strength training program. Although my weight did not change, my definition was gone and so too, much of the strength that I had gained.

I had a very stressful day today and look forward to spending a little time before the evening is done to continue reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad so that I can learn more about making money that can work for me. That will give me much more time to pursue the passion that I have for helping you. I can’t help but wonder, though, how much more challenging days like mine must be if you are overweight, out of shape and living an unhealthy lifestyle. It is something that I probably can’t even imagine. It would certainly be motivation enough for me, though, to commit to success and to achieve it.

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