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XB Pilates 30-Day Program With Andrea Rogers

Is the XB Pilates Super Block Right for Me?

Do you love Andrea’s energetic vibe and her signature blend of movements that sculpt all over? Have you been curious about Pilates but don’t know where to begin? The XB Pilates Super Block is your gateway to everything Pilates has to offer—including at-home, Reformer-inspired moves (without that expensive machinery) that support and strengthen your entire body. If you want to be more flexible, feel more aligned, and look extra-toned, XB Pilates can help you achieve it all while building your confidence and head-to-toe muscle power. And, of course, we’ll have a modifier to help guide you. Set a goal and shift your mindset every day you roll out the mat.

What Are the XB Pilates Workouts Like?

You’ll be doing 5 workouts a week, 30 minutes a day—with updated choreography and brand-new workouts. It’s all inspired by the mind-body connection with each Pilates move, whether you’re building strength through traditional lengthening exercises or improving alignment with Reformer-inspired standing sequences. The week kicks off with a mix of both, focusing on proper form while using the Strength Slides to maximize results. Then spend the week honing in on precision, increased mobility, and muscle definition with invigorating conditioning moves and low-impact cardio. Finish the week with an allover bodyweight burn. You’ll also get three bonus Express workouts that can be done as standalone sweat sessions or stacked on to any day for an extra challenge.


UP Week for Unconditional Progress

The fourth week of your Super Block is your UP Week, which stands for Unconditional Progress. This is the week your body recovers—take time off or do the 2 optional workouts to keep up your progress while giving your body time to repair. You can also explore other BODi classes or watch monthly Mindset Master Classes from guest presenters. These options are designed to strengthen your inner motivation and mindset as you look ahead to new goals and build on this moment of feeling incredible.

Nourish Your Body

Complete your Health Esteem routine with our healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset or Portion Fix. Simple and satisfying, no deprivation, and all you have to do is watch a few short videos to get started. Plus you have access to over 1,000 yummy recipes! And you can enjoy a delicious dessert every day with Shakeology. It’s superfood nutrition with whole-food-based ingredients to help support healthy digestion, energy, and lean muscle.* And of course, fuel your workouts with Energize, a clean pre-workout formula that helps give you a boost of energy and helps sharpen your focus so you can push through every workout with more endurance.*

Get the Support You Need

Connect with your Partner to join their accountability group and get a support system you can count on. You’ll find friends to celebrate your wins and cheer you on when you need it most—or welcome you back with gentle accountability when life gets in the way. It’s your community of like-minded people who always have your back and keep you moving forward.

Meet Andrea

As a Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, Super Trainer Andrea Rogers created Xtend Barre, XB Pilates, and other fitness programs by combining the grace of barre with the sculpting power of Pilates and high-energy cardio-dance. Her proven programs and techniques have helped thousands of people worldwide transform their bodies and gain strength and confidence, while her dynamic energy and mind-up approach keeps you feeling connected and coming back for more.
Meet Andrea

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