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Barre Blend is Coming to Beachbody On Demand!

Barre Blend is coming to Beachbody On Demand on April 24th and will enter the Beachbody On Demand Member Library early because we are staying home more now. If you want to get started right away, the Barre Blend promotion has also been extended to April 23rd.  Thousands of people have found their bliss in the burn and achieved incredible results, both physically and emotionally thanks to Elise Joan!  You can save $20 on every Barre Blend Challenge Pack ($24 CAD/£20 GBP) and Completion Pack. Promo ends April 23rd.

Barre Blend is Coming April 24th

What is Barre Blend?

Trainer Elise Joan fuses the best of barre with proven fitness techniques to ramp up your results. She combines classic moves with light weights to help you sculpt and strengthen your entire body. Then she adds cardio intervals to help you burn more calories and fat for an allover transformation. Each 30- to 40-minute, full-body workout is designed to help you get leaner, stronger, and more flexible, with defined arms, a tight core, and a firm, lifted booty.

Barre Blend will challenge AND change you with low-impact, easy-to-follow moves that shape and tone your body without a ballet barre. All you need is a secure chair, countertop, or other sturdy household surface. And it’s perfect for all fitness levels. If you’re just starting out, follow the modifier. Already a seasoned barre fan? Follow the intensifier and grab heavier weights and resistance loops to achieve a deeper burn. Elise re-creates the studio experience so perfectly that every class feels more like fun than exercise!

Elise Joan has created barre programs for some of the biggest gyms in fitness. But our subscribers asked for the next level—a blend of ballet barre that would truly change their physique—with strength, tone, and curves in all the right places. Elise’s incredible moves, effective pacing, and inspiring teaching style will help you feel beautiful and motivate you to express yourself through every workout.

What are the Barre Blend Special Offers?

Below are two comparison charts so that you can see the Barre Blend Challenge Pack and the Barre Blend Completion Pack special offers.

Barre Blend Challenge Pack Comparison

Barre Blend Completion Pack Comparison



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