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Beachbody Challenge Pack End of Sale Dates

What’s a “take down date”?  We’ve been blessed with sales on Beachbody Challenge Packs for years but that comes to an end with the release of the Annual All Access Beachbody On Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack.

Now, for just $199.00, you get a Challenge Pack with Shakeology, you can stream 42 complete Beachbody workouts on any device.   By complete, I mean that they also come with the workout calendar, program guide and nutrition plan all online in Beachbody On Demand.   That actually makes streaming easier, faster and smarter than a DVD.

However, if you still want Beachbody Challenge Packs with DVD’s there are still available and probably always will be.   The come complete with a workout calendar, program guide book and nutrition plan book.   The only thing is, that they will no longer be on sale like they used to be.   You still have between January 9th – 16th (look for specific dates below), to purchase the Challenge Packs at sale prices, but after that you just won’t save as much money.   Savings on Beachbody Challenge Packs currently run between $50 – $105.

Look at the dates below to make sure that you don’t miss out on the sale.  The second list is Canadian Challenge Packs and prices.

Beachbody Challenge Pack End of Sale Dates

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